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Angaaragan Tamil Movie Download HdRip 2023


Movie:Angaaragan (2023)
Director:Mohan Dachu
Starring:Sreepathy, Sathyaraj, Niya Sankranthil
Quality:Original DVD
Release Date:26 October 2023

Synopsis: About mysterious events that unfold in a forest resort during a twelve-hour investigation in a non-linear play. It highlights multiple hidden secrets of paranormal activities related to a late-Queen who was the first owner of this...

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Angaaragan is a Tamil horror thriller film directed by Mohan Dachu and released in September 2023. The film stars Sathyaraj, Niya Sankranthil, Reina Karad, Sreepathy, and Appukutty.

The film follows a group of investigators who travel to a forest resort to investigate a series of paranormal activities that have been reported there. The investigators soon discover that the resort is haunted by the ghost of a late queen who was the first owner of the estate.

Angaaragan has been praised for its well-written story, strong performances, and effective horror sequences. Critics have also noted the film's technical excellence, particularly its cinematography and sound design.

Overall, Angaaragan is a well-made and entertaining horror thriller that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.