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Tamil Kudimagan Movie Download HdRip 720p 2023

Movie Name

Tamil Kudimagan

Theatrical Release Date

Sep 15 2023


Esakki Karvannan


Esakki Karvannan




Cheran, Sri Priyanka


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Tamil Kudimagan was set against the backdrop of the current political and social climate in Tamil Nadu and explores themes of caste, corruption, and injustice that explore the caste system from a fresh perspective. Chinnasamy, a young man from a lower caste, dreams of becoming a village administrative officer (VAO). However, his aspirations are met with opposition from the upper-caste villagers, who believe that he should remain in his traditional role as a funeral priest.


Chinnasamy is determined to break free from the shackles of caste discrimination. He studies hard and passes the VAO exam, much to the dismay of his detractors. His success inspires his younger sister to pursue her own dreams of becoming a doctor. The film culminates in a courtroom drama as Chinnasamy fights for his right to live a life free from caste discrimination. The film's message is clear: caste is a social construct that has no place in modern society.