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Paramporul Movie Download 2023 HDRip 720p


Name : Paramporul (2023) Tamil Movie
Release Date: 1 September 2023
Quality: HD 720p 857MB
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action,Thriller
Actor/Actress: Kashmira,Kashmira Pardeshi,Amitash Pradhan
Duration: 2h 26min
Story Plot : Revolves around the smuggling mafia of sacred temple idols and a cop who involves with a smuggler to make money out of a sacred idol, possessed by a murder victim.

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Paramporul is the story of Aadhi (Amitash Pradhan), a young man who works in an art gallery, and how he comes into terms with Maithreyan, a corrupted cop who is out for money all the time. The film travels in the first half by introducing us to the characters and showing us how the idol abduction racket works out, and then moves into the path where the two lead characters travel together. From the interval block onwards, the film moves at a very good pace and keeps us engaged with interesting reveals and twists from time to time.