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DD Returns Movie Download HDRip 2023

Name      : DD Returns (2023)

Year         : 2023

Directed  : S. Prem Anand

Starring   : Santhanam, Pradeep Singh Rawat, Deepa Shankar

Genres    : Comedy, Horror

Movie Rating : 8.5/10

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The story begins in 1962 when a bunch of gamblers in Pondicherry go missing after the government passes an act abolishing gambling.

A search for the 50-odd gamblers who have gone missing leads the cops to a private French castle where its owners offer handsome returns for the money that the gamblers place as bets.

The gambling game they play is called “Win or Run” and requires the contestants to enter the castle through one door and come out of an exit door.

If they win, they get 50 times the sum they place as a bet. But if they lose, they have to run and the family members hunt and kill them.

The villagers, who get to know of this vicious gambling game being played by the castle owners, accompany the police and burn the place down. The inmates of the castle turn into spirits and haunt the place.


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