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Rudrangi Movie Download Tamil HDRip 2023

Name : Rudrangi (2023) Tamil Full Movie
Release Date: 07 Jul 2023
Quality: HDRip
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action,Drama,Thriller
Actor/Actress: Jagapathi Babu,Ashish Gandhi,Ganavi Laxman
Duration: 142 min
Story Plot : The post-colonial powers in India decided to take advantage of the situation and continue to oppress the downtrodden.

Movie Rating : 6.5/10

Rudrangi Movie is a period drama set in the early decades of Indian Independence, taking place in the village of Rudrangi in Telangana. The story revolves around the love between childhood sweethearts Mallesh and Rudrangi, who find themselves entangled in a complex rivalry involving the lecherous feudal lord Bhim Rao Deshmukh and his dissatisfied second wife, Jwala Bhai.

Short Story

Rudrangi's story explores the issues of relationships, power dynamics and social norms that prevailed in the early years of Indian independence. It depicts the struggles Mallesh and Rudrangi face as they navigate their love amid the machinations of a scheming landlord and his disgruntled wife. The story highlights the themes of love, betrayal, social inequality and the struggle for justice, painting a vivid picture of the life of Rudrangi village and its inhabitants.