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Padmini Movie Download HD Rip 2023

Padmini is the story of Smriti (Vinci), the wife of a college lecturer, Rameshan (Kunjakko Bhopan), who runs away on her wedding night. It successfully engages the audience by touching on many subjects, including how trauma occurs, how people deal with it, and the toxicity of society- all in a light-hearted manner. Ramesh is not a perfect hero. But, his experiences make him a relatable character.


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Madonna Sebastian plays his girlfriend and colleague, named Padmini, a name used in his circle to mock Ramesh, as his wife eloped in the Premier Padmini, a sedan popular in the 70s.

Her name annoys him at first, but things get better. Aparna Balamurali plays a lawyer, Sridevi, who helps Rameshan get a divorce two years after his wife runs away.

The crisis Ramesh faces is not easy, and the prognosis is both sad and funny at the same time. He is also a normal human being with flaws. The film is connected to real life in relevant ways.

Kunchacko Boban, Aparna and Madonna have played their respective roles brilliantly. In portraying Smriti, Vinci went a step further and made the selfish, entitled woman very real. Jacques Bejoy's music matches the tone of the scenes. Sriraj Rabindran's cinematography adds polish to the film set in the village of Palakkad.