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Maaveeran Movie Download HDRip 2023

The government is forcing the families of the hero Sivakarthikeyan (who lives in a dump) to move to an apartment. After going there, it becomes clear that the houses are of poor quality.

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Maaveeran Movie Download

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Bad quality housing causes problems every day. But Sivakarthikeyan, the cartoonist, lives with problems. He tells his mother (Charitha) who opposes everything to adjust and live.

Unexpected things happen. Hero Sivakarthikeyan attempts suicide. Then he hears the voice of a war hero, the hero of his cartoon story. Sivakarthikeyan walks listening to that voice. He fights bravely for his people.

Minister M.N. is the reason why those flats are not of good quality because of such struggle. Sivakarthikeyan incurs the wrath of Jayakodi (Mishkin).

The story revolves around whether the cowardly cartoonist will discover the superhero within him and save his people from impending doom or not.

Madon Ashwin has shown what we know beautifully in her style. Madon Ashwin stands out in his portrayal of people moving from their old place of residence to a newly constructed residence.

Ashwin makes us feel the feelings of those people. Most of the work he does is done by people who come from the north looking for work. He also realizes that they are doing it at a low price.

The first half goes briskly. Makes us laugh every now and then. But the second half was not like that. Couldn't laugh more in the second half. It is full of action scenes.


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