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Hidimbha Movie Download Tamil dubbed HDRip 2023

Hidimbha, starring Ashwin Babu and Nandita Sweta in the lead roles, has created a good buzz with its intriguing trailer. It is an action thriller directed by Aneel Kanneganti. We have been to the special premiere, and let’s see how the movie is.

Name : Hidimbha (2023) Tamil Full Movie
Release Date: 20 Jul 2023
Quality: HDRip
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action,Drama
Actor/Actress: Ashwin Babu,Nandita Shwetha,Makrand Deshpande
Duration: 2h 10min

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 Several women go missing in the city of Hyderabad. The case becomes a pain in the neck for the police department. Special officer Aadya (Nandita Sweta) is given the responsibility to nab the criminal, and ACP Abhay (Ashwin Babu) is also made part of the investigation team. What happened to the missing women? Why is the criminal targeting just women? Did Aadya and Abhay solve the kidnap mystery? – this forms the crux of the story.

Technical Aspects:

The background score by Vikas Badisa lends a touch of intrigue. The cinematography by B. Rajasekhar is top-notch. All the flashback scenes and the Khalabanda action sequence look solid on screen due to the eye-catching visuals. The editing is below par in the first half and is good in the latter half. The production values are exemplary.

Coming to the director, Aneel Kanneganti did an okay job with the narration. But the director deserves special applause for delivering a technically superior product despite the budget constraints. Hidimbha indicates that Aneel Kanneganti can do wonders if he is given more budget. The film’s concept is very exciting, but it takes forever to enter the main plot as the first hour is filled with routine investigation scenes. Hidimbha could have been a superb thriller had the first half been exciting. Also, the film raises many doubts due to a lack of clarity regarding a few aspects, forcing one to assume things. The message conveyed at the end is good.


On the whole, Hidimbha is an action thriller that offers a few thrills. The backdrop is interesting, but that has been marred by a dull narration in the first half. The movie gathers momentum only from the pre-interval portions, and the second hour has some engaging moments. Logics go for a toss in many instances, which bogs down the impact considerably. Also, the film has intense violence, and it can’t please all sections of the audience. Hence Hidimbha ends up being an okay watch this weekend.

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Is downloading Tamil dubbed movies legal?

Downloading from legitimate sources is legal and supports the film industry.


Are English subtitles available for Tamil dubbed movies?

Yes, most Tamil dubbed movies come with English subtitles.


Can I watch Tamil dubbed movies on streaming platforms?

Some streaming platforms offer Tamil dubbed movies for online viewing.


What sets Tamil cinema apart from other industries?

Tamil cinema is known for its unique narratives, powerful performances, and technical excellence.


Where can I access "Hidimba" in Tamil?

Access "Hidimba" in Tamil through legitimate Tamil movie download websites.