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Jeem Boom Bhaa Movie Download and Review 2023

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Movie: Jeem Boom Bhaa (2023) Tamil Full Movie

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Jeem Boom Bhaa Free Download


Shorts Story

Three friends want to have a fun time on New Year’s Eve, but things don’t go as planned


Some films have a very small storyline, but with its character portrayal and the filmmaking style, it can be engaging and enjoyable. Jeem Boom Bhaa is just the opposite. Rahul Ramachandran seems to have created a story to somehow make a movie.

Askar Ali, who plays the main character of Basil Kanjikuzhi, his friends and veteran actor Baiju struggle with a weak story. Basil and his 2 friends, who unsuccessfully pursue a dream to work in films, get their hands on a bottle of alcohol. They don’t know there is a story behind it, and a don willing to pay big money – Rs 20 crore, no less – for it. Woven into this is a story of a lead actress who is threatened with her life and a ‘model’ who shows up at the guys’ flat.

The second half of the film, which feels stretched at just about two hours, is about resolved the troubles the guys get into in the first part. This is done in a half-cooked manner. Aparna Balamurali is in a cameo appearance in the film. In fact, all the women’s roles seem to have been written in as an after-thought. This movie doesn’t have much to offer.