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Aalu Romba Busy Movie Tamil Dubbed HDRip 2023

Name : Aalu Romba Busy (2023) Tamil Full Movie
Release Date: 2023
Quality: HDRip
Language: Tamil
Genre: Comedy
Actor/Actress: Annapoorna,Anusha,Diksha Arora
Duration: 126 min
Story Plot : A man's sexual affairs with different woman in different stages of life comes to an end when he meets a girl accidentally.

Movie Rating : 6/10

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alu Romba Busy is a family entertainer that revolves around a man’s sexual desires. The protagonist’s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets the right girl in strange circumstances. The film is filled with hilarious sequences and scenes that will keep the audience entertained. To fully understand the story, it is necessary to watch the film. Aalu Rompa Busy is a family film with humorous scenes and sexual urges.

However, the subject of the movie had several sexual affairs with different women at different periods of his life, but when he accidentally finds the right woman, everything changes in his life. We will know more only after watching the film.

A Tamil movie was released this year. Naveen Medaram has taken charge of the movement. Genre of the film is comedy. Annapoorna, Diksha Arora and Anusha are among the busy cast members. Shibasish Sarkar, Madhu Mandena and Sukumar are excellent actors.

The Tamil film's YouTube account, Aalu Rrompa Bisi has uploaded the entire film. It is a Tamil remake of the Telugu film Babu Bhaga Busy starring Srinivas Avarsala, Mishti, Srimukhi, Tejashwi Madiwada and Supriya Aisola.

Aalu Romba Busy has garnered a lot of attention for its interesting storyline and impeccable acting. With the film now on YouTube, more viewers can enjoy this rom-com gem. Directed by Naveen Medaram, the film is a mix of comedy and surprising twists.